Personal Injury

These personal injury leads include a personal injury to the body, mind or
chemical emotional distress. We most commonly refer to this
type of law practice as tort lawsuit and we qualify each personal
injury lead for accuracy that each client has been harmed by the
negligence of another person or company.
Among these types of leads are auto accident attorney leads,
child care abuse and neglect leads, DUI car accident leads, slip
and fall, semi truck accident leads, motorcycle and boating injury
leads, brain spine or head injury leads, wrongful death lawsuit,
medical malpractice leads and dentist, work related injury leads,
nursing home leads and elderly care abuse. These damages can
include bodily harm or damage, loss of work or function.
The more common types of personal injury claim leads are traffic
accidents, work related accident, tripping or falling accidents,
personal assault claims, accidents in the home, product defect
liability and medical malpractice claims. The term personal
injury also incorporates medical and dental accidents, and
corporate liability. Other custom lead campaigns are available
upon request; contact us for details.