Yasmin Leads

We have 2 different types of Yasmin leads: Internet Leads and Live Transfer Leads. Both lead types are solid, well researched, and effective. Ultimately, it comes down to which type works best for your needs. So, which should you choose?

Yasmin Live Transfer Leads: Our live transfer leads make it easy for you. We find the leads, call them, filter them, and then transfer the lead call directly to you. That’s right! No cold calling. You just answer the phone and sell your services to a relevant and primed Yasmin lead. Simple right? This lead type allows you to get in contact with leads while they are ready and interested. Best of all? They are exclusively yours!

Yasmin Internet Leads: Our internet leads utilize the vast power of internet marketing. We’ve honed in on exceptional marketing techniques to bring eligible leads to you. We use tier-one SEO, ads, and email techniques to find and entice potential leads. Once we’ve got them hooked, they fill out a form with their contact information. We give that contact information to you. You then have the option to call, email, mail, or fax the lead. These leads are real-time, so as soon as we receive the lead we send it to you instantly. You get these exclusive leads while seeking litigation is fresh on their minds.